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Welcome to DavidTennantOnTwitter.com - the most frequently updated website about the actor David Tennant.

David Tennant is most well known for having played the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who from 2005 until 2010 (plus the 50th anniversary special) but, as well as being a Royal Shakespeare Company actor (his most famous role was Hamlet in 2008), David has also starred in television programmes such as Single Father, Blackpool and Casanova, movies like Harry Potter and Fright Night, plus David is constantly requested to voice documentaries and record radio plays.

David Tennant starred in Much Ado About Nothing in London in 2011 and in Richard II for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2013/14. During 2016 he reprised that role in both London and New York. In 2017 he appeared again on stage in London in Don Juan In Soho.

In 2013 David Tennant was seen in the popular 8 part detective series for ITV called Broadchurch and in the second series in 2015. The third and final series was broadcast on ITV in 2017. He also appeared in the US remake Gracepoint.

David also played the main villain Killgrave in the series Marvel's Jessica Jones. The 13 part series was filmed in New York and released worldwide on Netflix in November 2015. David most recently appeared in There She Goes on BBC Four and in Camping for HBO in the US and other countries. He will star in Good Omens which will stream on Amazon Prime in early 2019 and will then be broadcast on BBC Two.

DavidTennantOnTwitter.com is updated several times a day to report all of the David Tennant news including interviews, photos and videos, plus it has a plethero of MP3s of David's recordings and radio interviews from recent years. Our Twitter account (David_Tennant) is the most popular David Tennant account with well over 400,000 followers.

The main aim of David_TennantOnTwitter.com is to post information about the actor David Tennant. If you repeat the information online it would be appreciated if you could post that you read it first on David_TennantOnTwitter.com, just as we are always careful to give full credit.

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