David Tennant and Catherine Tate co-hosting Jonathan Ross Show on Radio 2

Boxing Day - Saturday 26th December 2009

David Tennant and Catherine Tate on Radio 2

David Tennant co-hosted the Jonathan Ross Show on BBC2 with Catherine Tate today between 10am and 1pm. The show appeared to be broadcast live.

Below are the clips of all of David's segments of the show.

Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
10.03am 15 secs Saying hello and Happy Boxing Day Click here
10.06am 6 mins and 26 secs Ken Bruce's window / Eating at Christmas / Talking about Bernard Cribbins / "If you didn't like me before Christmas, you must hate me now!" / Other guests / "I will never get bored of taling about Doctor Who" Click here
10.16am 2 mins and 56 secs The "I've got a new business" game Click here
10.23am 2 mins and 44 secs T-shirts Click here
10.29am 3 mins and 50 secs More "I've got a new business" jokes Click here
10.36am 7 mins and 24 secs Bernard Cribbins / Christmas dinner Click here
10.46am 10 mins and 17 secs 2010 / Pantomine / John Barrowman / The Wombles / Buzby / Click here
10.59am 43 secs Correct song Click here
11.06am 4 mins and 11 secs "I've got a new business" / Bernard Cribbins Click here
11.14am 8 mins and 12 secs Catherine Tate's Christmas joke / Big John Little John / Competition prizes / "I just have Freeview" Click here
11.25am 12 mins and 36 secs Introducing the 2 competition contestants / "I had 2 Christmas dinners yesterday / Supermarkets / Competition "Pull The Other One" questions Click here
11.42am 7 mins and 32 secs Competition "Pull The Other One" results Click here
11.53am 1 mins and 25 secs "I've got a new business" Click here
12pm 13 secs Leading into the news Click here
12.07pm 12 mins and 14 secs "I'm going up to Scotland this week" / Talking to Codeine Velvet Club Click here
12.17pm 23 secs "From one of Scotland's all time greatest bands to one of its next great bands" Click here
12.22pm 1 min and 56 secs Talking to Codeine Velvet Club (briefly) / "I've got a new business" Click here
12.28pm 4 mins and 27 secs "I've got a new business" Click here
12.36pm 8 mins and 39 secs Peter Davison Click here
12.49pm 6 mins and 8 secs David puts his foot in it! / Peter Davison Click here
12.58pm 1 min and 37 secs The best "I've got a new business" joke Click here

A podcast was available on the Radio 2 website for a week after the show too.

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