David Tennant interviewing Russell T Davies on Who On Who? on Radio 2

Tuesday 29th December 2009

David Tennant and Catherine Tate on Radio 2

David Tennant interviewed Russell T Davies on Who On Who? on Radio 2. This show was recorded before Christmas.

Below are the clips of all of David's segments of the show.

Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
5.05pm 15 mins and 10 secs The Bitter End / Their decision to leave Doctor Who / Would RTD ever return to Doctor Who? / [2005 Regeneration clip] / Writing the regeneration / [Exclusive clip from The End Of Time Part Two] / Part of The Vodoo Dolls The Sound Of Drums was played Click here
5.20pm 11 mins and 50 secs The episode title The Sound Of Drums / Dancing On Ice / The crew on Doctor Who / [Doctor Who clip chosen by Radio 2 producer Malcolm Prince] / Emotional writing / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures / Getting television programmes commissioned / [Clip from Utopia] / Part of The Scissor Sisters I Can't Decide was played Click here
5.33pm 5 mins and 53 secs The Master / Press attention / Viewing figures / Part of Love Don't Roam by Neil Hannon was played Click here
5.40pm 10 mins and 19 secs [Partners In Crime clip wsa played] / Comedy writing / "What stories work best?" / Voyage Of The Damned / [Doomsday clip was played] / "How do you think Saturday night television has been changed by Doctor Who?" / A show-runner / Tone meetings / Why RTD has gone to work in America / Part of My Angel Put The Devil In Me by Yammet Mammal was played Click here
5.52pm 7 mins and 21 secs "How has your writing changed by working on Doctor Who?" / Actors who have been in Doctor Who / Big names in Doctor Who / "Are you pleased with Doctor Who?" / The End Of Time Part Two Click here

A podcast was available on the Radio 2 website for a week after the show too.

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