David Tennant and Catherine Tate co-hosting Jonathan Ross Show on Radio 2

Saturday 30th January 2010

David Tennant and Catherine Tate on Radio 2

David Tennant co-hosted the Jonathan Ross Show on BBC2 with Catherine Tate today between 10am and 1pm. The show was recorded on Friday 29th January. It was posted on Twitter on Thursday that they would be hosting as replacements due to Jonathan Ross having the flu.

Below are the clips of all of David's segments of the show.

Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
10.03am 11 secs "The understudies" Click here
10.07am 6 mins and 10 secs "A new brand of swine flu" / Pigs / Cat litter / "11 minutes into the show and we're talking about cat faeces!" / Trouser presses and Bibles in hotel rooms. Click here
10.17am 9 mins and 58 secs "We're the emergency stand-ins for Jonathan Ross" / The guests today / Watching a film in America / Being an understudy / David Tennant singing La Roux songs / The Bill. Click here
10.30am 8 mins and 2 secs "This balloon ain't big enough for both of us" Quiz / The balloon debate / Ken Bruce's photos / Shopping in nightwear. Click here
10.46am 8 mins and 59 secs Interview with Ricky Gervais (part one): Ricky's "title" / Nightwear / Mixing food / Keeping fit / A three way pun. Click here
10.57am 3 mins and 2 secs Interview with Ricky Gervais (part two): "Do you know you're on the radio Catherine?" / The finger of cue / "Money for old rope." Click here
11.07am 7 mins and 33 secs Interview with Ricky Gervais (part three): Los Angeles and New York / Ricky's new DVD / Not driving / Shortcuts to filming / Countdown / University Challenge. Click here
11.18am 8 mins and 15 secs Interview with Ricky Gervais (part four): "Ricky Gervais is still in the studio" / Pulling a sickie / The Invention Of Lying DVD / "I've got a blu ray." Click here
11.33am 8 mins and 30 secs Competition quiz lines are closed / "Sheena Easton - where is she now?" / Competition prizes. Click here
11.45am 13 mins and 4 secs Talking to contestants of the "This balloon ain't big enough for both of us" Quiz and their words for the quiz. Click here
12pm 23 secs Leading up to the News. Click here
12.06pm 4 mins and 29 secs The "This balloon ain't big enough for both of us" Quiz. Click here
12.14pm 12 secs "La Roux are here!" Click here
12.23pm 2 mins and 33 secs Talking to La Roux (part one): Who is La Roux? Click here
12.29pm 2 mins and 15 secs Talking to La Roux (part two): Working with Heaven 17. Click here
12.34pm 33 secs "Anthony Head is imminent!" Click here
12.39pm 8 mins and 40 secs Anthony Head interview (part one): The Old Vic / The 24 hour plays / Choosing a football team as children / Talking embarrassingly to famous people / Six Degrees Of Seperation / Theatrical conceits. Click here
12.51pm 5 mins and 59 secs Anthony Head interview (part two): David Tennant didn't watch The X Factor / Anthony Head on music to acting / Anthony's daughters acting. Click here
1pm 1 mins and 23 secs Saying goodbye Click here

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