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David Tennant - Pets Wild At Heart
Synopsis of Episode One
Playful Creatures
David Tennant - Pets Wild At Heart

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Synopsis of Episode One of Pets Wild At Heart
Playful Creatures
Original broadcast date on BBC One: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Though household pets have been trained over thousands of years, they were wild for millions more, and though many have taken well to domestic life and provide valuable companionship, their natural instincts remain latent, but are able to be rekindled.

David Tennant narrates the first of two programmes revealing the nation's favourite pets in a new light.

From playful puppies to hamsters running on the wheel, via chirping budgerigars and scratching cats, the documentary illustrates how these apparently innocuous behavioural traits often conceal a more primitive significance.

Cameras visit two islands in Japan, one crowded by rabbits and the other cats, while in Peru dogs leave their home comforts behind on a daily basis to meet up, fight and attempt to attract the interest of a bitch on heat.

Narrator - David Tennant
Series Director - John Downer
Series Producer - Philip Dalton

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