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David Tennant - Pets Wild At Heart
Synopsis of Episode Two
Secretive Creatures
David Tennant - Pets Wild At Heart

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Synopsis of Episode Two of Pets Wild At Heart
Secretive Creatures
Original broadcast date on BBC One: Wednesday 28th January 2015

David Tennant narrates the concluding documentary revealing household animals in a new light, with special photographic techniques showing their hidden senses and secret communication skills.

Dogs in Paris use their sense of smell to uncover a very different city, a hamster stages a great escape - then uses its navigational talents to find its way home - and a budgie literally glows as it woos its mate.

In Japan, cats display their secret messages, while in Peru, dogs employ hidden signs to communicate across a city.

Narrator - David Tennant
Series Director - John Downer
Series Producer - Philip Dalton

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